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5,000 yen Daimyo course (with 100-minute all-you-can-drink)

5,000 yen Daimyo course (with 100-minute all-you-can-drink)

5000 Yen

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All-you-can-drink available

All you can drink 100 minutes 1,500 yen Beer is a premium mortu bottle beer 【Premium menu where draft beer, local sake, authentic shochu etc can be drunk at plus 500 yen!】

Reservation deadline
Until 22 o'clock the day prior to the desired shop visit date
Available days for reservation
Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

100 minute luxury course with 5000 yen with all you can drink.With luxurious sashimi, you can choose a pot according to your preference.You can also put a horse sting directly sent by Kumamoto kenchiku farm at 500 yen per person.

Course menu

· 2 appetizers on appetizer

· Root vegetable salad

· Assorted seasonal sashimi

· Pot of choice 【pot with water · water cook · onion shabu】

· Tenpuka of Shunbun

Roasted pork pigs

· Dead-end of the pot

Champong or noodles or Udon (onion shabu)



Course only 3,500 yen

100 yen with a drink all-you-can-eat 5,000 yen

☆ We will put "Kumamoto direct sending horseradish sushi" at 500 yen per person.

☆ In addition, plus draft beer, local sake and authentic shochu, whiskey also grade UP for 500 yen plus!

"How about with delicious sake for adult banquets?"

Regular drinks plus plus local sake and authentic shochu.

Sake "gold drops" "squads", "buddies" etc.

Full-flavor shochu "Tominobo Mountain · Kitcho Baoshan" etc.

We offer whiskey 'Chita' as well as all you can drink.

All-you-can-drink menu

· Premium Malt · All-free (non-alcohol) regular menu can be changed to a bottle with beer 【500 yen plus plus draft beer】
· Temmahama (燗 · cold) 【Plus 500 yen for free use of alcoholic beverages such as gold droplets, squads and buddies!】
Major shochu
· Island Beauty · Black Isa Nishiki · Imominy · Chizuru · Genrou (Wheat) · Unkumo (Soba) · Rice · Davada Fire (Chestnut) · Shis · Awamori 【Plus 500 yen for Tono · Kitcho Baoshan too!】
· Jim Beam 【Chita also ♪ with plus 500 yen】 ♪
·Fruit wine
· Nigori plum wine plum · takara boshi plum wine · lemon plum wine · yuzu plum wine etc.
· Cassis Soda · Cassis Orange · Cassis Oolong · Campari Soda · Campari Orange · Fuzzy Group · Cunyan · Apple Ginger
· Wine · Shochu High etc.
· House Wine (Red · White) Oolong High · Lemon Shochu High · Rim Shochu High
·Soft drink
· Cola · Ginger ale · Oolong tea · Orange · Grapefruit

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